space to think

I sometimes wish I could escape the reality of work and phones and roads and television for a place that is quiet and peaceful, a place that life can be lived in a very simple way....

A place where all you can hear is your own breathing, the wind outside and the firewood crackling on the fire

A place that gives you huge amounts of time to think and be inspired

There are places like this, they exist.....who would have known....

I have just come across this great blog completely dedicated to these places....called Cabin Porn

My idea of heaven.....thanks guys at Beaver Brook

Island cottage north of Vancouver, British Columbia.Submitted by Kim Hadley. 

Boat sheds near Lake Meðalfellsvatn, Iceland. Photo by Hugi Ólafsson. 

Cabin in Iceland by Mait Jüriado all images taken from Cabin Porn 

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