Pouch loves Koskela

As an obsessive reader of The Design Files, I am always grateful when they introduce me to something that inspires my work or my designs or provides a little insight into a great designer or artist, but sometimes I get mad with the Design Files because they make me want to spend money I don’t have! Yes, I am blaming a blog for my urge to spend money, for my uncontrollable desire for something I never knew I wanted until I saw it on the computer screen in front of me. Well, you have done it again Design Files and this time you really have got me in trouble.

I saw that Lucy from the Design Files had popped up to Sydney to see the new Koskela store that opened recently in Rosebery. From the very first picture, no in fact from the first sentence in the post about Koskela I knew it was a dangerous place. Stocking so many of my favourite designers and artists, so many of the coveted products I had placed on my imaginary wish list and generally being an all round lovely place to shop, I knew I was going to struggle to avoid Koskela. So off I pop on a rainy Saturday morning, dragging the poor boyfriend along on a premise that I was doing business research.

What did I find there? Well, basically I walked around the huge industrial warehouse type store saying “oh my goodness I love this” and “oh I love this too” and “I really love this” and then I got to the stage of stunned silence and just wondered in a love-haze around the space until I found a huge knitted beanbag type-thing and plonked myself into its softness and declared I was overcome with love and the urge to buy everything I see and must be taken from this place urgently before I did some awful damage to my credit card.

Designers like Rachel Castle (big crush on her style), Bonnie & Neil, Beneath the Sun, Herbert & Friends, Brainbow, and so many many more are all for sale in this stunning store. All I will say is that if you can go there, go there and be warned that you WILL want to buy everything!

And wouldn’t it be great if Pouch Handmade was stocked  there….in the great kids section??? Ummmm that would be nice and also it would give me another reason why I HAVE to go back there….

Here are some photos from my visit, excuse the poor quality...but you get the idea...



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