drawing the big apple

Yet again I stumble across an artist/designer that I cannot believe is just so darn clever and amazing.

The word awesome doesn’t do him justice, the word amazing it’s a little closer to the mark…either way James Gulliver Hancock (great name too!) is one clever guy. He aims to draw every building in NY and this blog documents the drawings so far.

James comes from Australia but currently lives in New York. He has a huge portfolio of work but by far the most inspiring to me is the New York buildings.

The drawings are so beautiful, they are detailed to the extreme in some cases, with every single tiny window or brick and others are colourful explosions of coolness and ooze NY style and grace.

Nice work Mr Hancock…I will be certainly dropping by your blog a lot to see the progress.

(also, just watch this little video on him: http://vimeo.com/21867603 its really nice!)



Images taken from  http://allthebuildingsinnewyork.com 

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