Beller Birds!

I have a new love in my life…well not quite ‘in my life’ as I don’t own one…but one day I will…one day…(said dreamily staring into the laptop!)

They are top of my ‘wish list’ and Mr Simpson has been informed of the possible birthday gift.

I found these cute birds by Beller via Bloesem Kids (a constant source of all things cute and kid inspired). Called Re-turned, these Norwegian designed wooden birds are created using left-over wood that might have one day been a table leg or armrest. They are 100% recycled and cute – what more can you want in life?

I feel a little affiliation with Lars Beller Fjetlan, his cute design and strive to use up life’s leftovers is very similar to how Pouch Handmade operates.

Also, check out the amazing packaging! Ohhhh soooo pretty…

Love your work Mr Beller!


BK2 Thanks Bloesem Kids for the tip-off!

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