The Sustainable Table

2012 for me so far has been a year of eating, a year of growing and then eating and a year of learning about what to grow & eat…

As a lot of us pay more attention to what goes into our belly's and what goes into our shopping basket and where it comes from, a handy book that can assist us through this sometimes complicated and scary waters is just what I needed.

Cue the discovery of the Sustainable Table book. A book full of recipes, ideas, stories and information to help to reduce our impact on the environment through our food choices.  As they put it “help to overcome today’s environmental challenges, one meal at a time.”

It is also a lovely book to look at! Delicious design and layout…..

I will leave you with an interesting fact I discovered from Sustainable Table:
“Up to 60% of our personal eco-footprint is embodied in the food that we buy.”

Think about that next time you dish up your dinner!


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