Workroom New Zealand

This is another of my gushing blog posts about a brand I have come across that just blows my mind and makes me feel all overwhelmed with  jealously (that I am not as talented as them!) and awe (for their incredible designs and family orientated business) and of course instant love (as I want to own one of everything!)….that’s a lot of emotions to come over one person at once!

Workroom is a father and daughter business in New Zealand that creates beautifully hand crafted furniture and lamps.  I love the fact that pieces are developed, tried, tested and made by them. You can feel so much passion and love in every design.

The products themselves are just stunning…I would gladly (if funds would allow) own one of everything they own…and they seem to share my slightly odd passion for yellow!

I also love it when you come across a website that really seems to be a natural extension of the brand or business. Work Room’s website is like peaking through a window to their studio and seeing them in action…without them knowing you’re there…I like…a lot….

Small Belle of the Ball Pendant Light  Saw Horse table  Turned Table Lamp By Workroom / Yellow 
Yellow 'Lean' Floor Lamp by Workroom Design  White Angle Table Lamp 2.0  Lean Table By Workroom Design 

Images from Workroom

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