poppy & finch posy necklaces

Some websites just whisper ‘love’. They are subtle and sophisticated and seem to put across the emotions & thoughts of their creator...they are like  a 'dear diary' entry....

Poppy + Finch is one such website. A haven of well selected, highly prized, coveted and unique products that have been carefully selected for their charm and style.

Each product tells a story, which in reality is what so many artists & designers are trying to do. Poppy + Finch lets that story be heard – such a refreshing break from the ‘churn it out’ online stores.

Poppy + Finch have just added some very special items to their store too. These unique, hand painted necklaces are perfect to top off any outfit. They particularly appealed to my love (AKA addiction!) to vintage fabrics, as they are based on a vintage fabric design. 

Now go and put the kettle on, put on your best tea dress and don your new necklace with pride!

Olive, True + Fair 

Peaches + Cream

Golden Fawn Necklace by poppy + finch 

Images from Poppy + Finch

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