Keep Warm!

This week is all about keeping warm and market stall prep.

I apologise in advance for the lack of interesting things on the blog this week…I am just a little swamped (read: drowning!)  getting ready for my first EVER market stall on Saturday. 

The stall by the way is at Mathilda’s Markets in the Byron Kennedy Hall, Moore Park ,Sydney…from 9am to 1pm…just in case you lovelies wanted to pop along and check out the great array of handmade goodies on offer! 

So, back to keeping warm….scarves are my number 1 favourite thing to wear in winter…I love them…so I was a teeny tiny bit excited when I spotted this amazing Etsy store selling the most insane scarves…

Amazing…check them out…now I must get back to work!

The Snow Leopard in Navy 

The Yokoo Bronx Chain Scarf in Citron 

The Soopascarf in Burgundy 

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