Market Stall Madness!

This Saturday was my first Pouch Handmade market stall. Wow! What a whirlwind of emotions!

I was both terrified and excited at the prospect of selling at a market…what if I sold nothing at all? What if I sold out completely? What if no one understands the product? So many questions buzzed around my head in the lead up to the market…but on the day I found it to be less terrifying and more…well, pleasant really! 

I met some really lovely people who both inspired me and gave out some valuable advice to a newbie. People genuinely seemed to like the artworks, even suggesting some great new animals to create!

I had my glamorous sales assistant, the lovely Gemma by my side….a reassuring glance from her was all I needed to get back on track when energy levels started to flag. The dashing Mr Simpson was the perfect taxi driver, muscle and breakfast provider, as always he was willing to fulfil whatever demands were screamed his direction! 

And all those familiar faces that came past to wish me well was really lovely…such wonderful friends I have!
So, all in all…it was a great success and gave me new found confidence, a nice little boost….a soft kick up the backside and I managed to come home with a little present for myself (see picture below at the bottom)

Below are some photos of the Pouch Handmade stall....


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