Trunk & Orderly

I love a feel good story…especially when there is a beautiful product at the end that I want to buy!

Clever clogs Lucy from Design Files wrote about Trunk & Orderly the other week (which you can read here )  and while I hate to be a copy-cat…I could not resist mentioning them too.

Clever Joel revived the old Everlite machines back into action to create some stunning cases. They are all so lovely and I really want an excuse to buy one! 

Do I need a lunch box?? 

Do I need a weekend away case? 

Perhaps a whole wall of cases in my apartment!?? 

We need more people in the world like Joel who can see the potential in reviving old crafts and who are brave enough to give it a go…

Clever dude, clever machines…nice story…nice cases…feel that warm glow all over from the love!!

Image of Lunch case 

Image of Camera Case 

Images from Trunk & Orderly

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