Pouch is back!

Hello lovely Pouch friends...

Well it has been a while between posts....and with good reason!

Here is a little story for you all....

There once was a girl called Zoe & a guy called Ali....together they had become inseparable.  Partners in crime, friends forever etc. One cold June night over an indoor picnice, Ali decided to make an honest woman of Zoe...after nearly 9 years together it was time for Ali to 'pop the question'.
In true Ali style, he did not just ask Zoe to marry her...oh no...he proposed (with the most beautiful ring ever seen I might add!) and then promptly gave Zoe some other news...

"Are you free on 23rd June?" Ali asked. Zoe replies "we are in the UK with our family together, you know we are free!' Confused...Zoe looks at Ali...(she is still a little overcome with the proposal!)...Ali looks at Zoe....hands her a wedding invitation.

Inside the wedding invitation: 
"Dear Zoe, 
You are invited to Ali & Zoe's wedding on 23rd June 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland"

Now the totally confused Zoe, looks again to Ali..."have I juts been invited to our own wedding? our wedding that is on 23rd June in Scotland!!????", to this Ali replies...YES!

So....to cut the rest of the story short...Ali proposed, I said yes, he then told me that he had provisionally booked for us to get married, with all our family (who live in the UK & USA) there for our big day.

And below is a picture of us on our wedding day in Edinburgh....
We managed to get engaged, get married, have a mini honeymoon all in 3 weeks!

So, now you might understand the lack of blog posts, updates and news from Pouch Handmade for the last month! 

Sorry for the lack of news recently....but I am back with a bang and a new name!

With love from the newly married Mrs Simpson!


Photo: whoops...how did that happen!? we got married!!!!!!! 

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