The Minimalist Pop Up store at the Gaffa

Sometimes I am confused….well actually most of the time I am confused! But especially when it comes to style…I like the whole ‘less is more’ theory…but somehow always end up in the ‘more is more’ boat…

I mean to be restrained and thoughtful with my style choices…but in the end I get over excited and pile it all on…this applies to clothes & my home…and my artwork too.

So The Minimalist…its really another way to confuse me…all these beautiful items…all so restrained and minimal and I want them ALL…at once…together…yikes…that sort of goes against the whole idea of minimal doesn’t it!?

Anyway..…I want the stuff they sell and I love their ethos…'The Minimalist isn't about buying less but buying better.’ 

I could not agree more.

I will have to go and see all these lovely wares for myself this weekend when they open a Pop Up store at Gaffa Gallery…hold on tight to those wallets & purses people!  Open from 23rd July to 18th Aug…the Pop up will be hard to resist I think…plus they sell my favourite Varpunen sacks!

Nice work The Minimalist 

tetrisnew  The Minimalist x Varpunen Black and white sack2 


Images from The Minimalist

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