Princess Pantry in Leura

Pouch Handmade has been spotted recently in the beautiful town of Leura in the Blue Mountains.

As part of some lovely work that KinderGallery has been doing with Princess Pantry, they have installed some loveliness into this little shop. Lots of beautiful artworks & handmade gifts for kids to be seen.

Handmade goodies, crafted deliciousness, lovely gifts and pretty pieces are all currently on sale at Princess Pantry and you can stock up on amazing handmade jams & chutneys too! What a great combination

So if you are up in the Blue Mountains...maybe enjoying a lovely lazy weekend away, make sure you pop into Princess Pantry  and stock up on beautiful gifts and yummy food.

Here is a taster of the stunning shop....(check out that incredible wallpaper & desk!)


Photo: Our wonderland. Thank you to Genza for tireless, inspired styling skills and Kindergallery for beautiful art. 

Photo: This weekend we have a very special exhibition from Kinder Gallery. Selected artworks created for children from around the world, magical, whimsical, delightful, affordable. For this weekend only. 
Images from Princess Pantry

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