THE Ring!

So, about 6 weeks ago…I got married…as I mentioned in another blog post.

It was a surprise wedding (to me & my family!) but it was the best day of my life.

We organised the entire thing in less than 3 weeks and it was in a different country! A slightly crazy thing to do when I look back on it…but sometimes crazy just works.

Well, what was not arranged in 3 weeks and by the skin of our teeth, was my stunning engagement ring! 

Nope…Mr Simpson planned this well in advance and enlisted one of the most talented jewellers in Australia, Katherine Bowman. I had heard of Katherine & knew of her work before I was presented with THE ring…but I did not expect to ever be wearing a piece of work by this lovely lady. And I never realised that sapphires could be yellow, green & blue! 

Katherine lives & works in Melbourne and is part of a very talented bunch that have set up Northcity4. Northcity 4 is an artist run initiative offering studio space to jewellers & creative types.  They have some impressive tenants in there at the moment.

Pop in to see them, attend a seminar or workshop or buy something from one of their incredibly talented resident creative’s…

I cannot wait to go and visit Katherine at Northcity4 in the next few weeks…as well as getting our wedding bands, I will also get to meet her cute pup Milly, a very old & slightly deaf cairn terrier! 

Some of Katherine's amazing work:

Trade wind ring 
Large Pledge Rings

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