Design Emergency Pozible campaign

Kids are amazing - FACT

Design is inspiring - FACT

Design thinking is causing a quiet revolution - FACT

Kids need to be using design thinking to solve all the awful issues this world it throwing at them & their future - FACT 

Now you know the facts....

Another fact, I work at Object - Australian Design Centre and they are bloody great!

This week Object launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise money for an amazing program called Design Emergency. Odd name ? well...I don't think so...our kids are going to be facing some almighty emergencies in their lifetimes with all the damage that's done to the world around us (that they will have to deal with) and with all the technological advances made every day.  Kids are the future...its true! Object bring Design Emergency to schools all over Australia via a digital platform. Design Emergency will teach kids about design thinking. Design Thinking? Yep - using design to solve problems...afterall isn't that what design is all about- solving a problem, making something better, making something easier to use....

If my ranting doesn't make any sense or you need more proof that design thinking is important, you should head here to watch the Design Emergency video or check out Object's website to read more. Then you should definately head here to the Pozible campaign and pledge your support ASAP!

Pouch is proud to support Object's campaign and thinks its a pretty big my lovely friends...spread the word, pass this along, tell something what design thinking is, feel good about yourself by donating to a great idea....

Object's Design Emergency from Object: Australian Design Centre on Vimeo.

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