The Awesome Project

I love it when I stumble across something amazing and wonder how its been kept under-wraps, away from my eyes or ears for so long...

Or perhaps everyone else already knows about them and I am just the last to hear!?

Either way...The Awesome Project does exactly what it says on the awesome project!

A creative duo who handmade porcelain pieces taking influence from Romanian folklore...brilliant!

Have a look...take a peek...I know its being added to my Pinterest board right NOW!

(by the way...feel free to check out Pouch on Pinterest - a mad collection of all things I want and need and generally drool over!)

- wedding gift -
4 porcelain cups, hand decorated with high-temperature underglazes and transparent glaze; dishwasher safe

custom made set of porcelain tableware for wedding anniversary
Images from Awesome Project

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