New friends & inspirations

So, its been a while…apologies…I seem to left the Pouch blog a little unattended recently..

I have been busy, busy and with all the markets, making and mayhem and there was little time left before I fell asleep at my desk to write my blog!

But I realised that I have met some super inspiring people recently and had not shared this news with anyone…

Firstly…a while back, I met with 2 lovely ladies who will be in charge of photographing & styling the Pouch Handmade photoshoot (which happened this weekend!). Stef Ingram and Luisa Brimble make one hell of a team! Together they create honest, homely, beautiful images that have graced the pages of impressive publications such as Frankie & Kinfolk magazine.  What a team! And what amazingly lovely people…both humble, lovely, kind and sweet people who obviously care very much about what they do and doing it well.

Luisa’s work just blows my mind…the simplicity but beauty of every photo she takes really takes my breath away! (have a look-see here) When we first met to talk about Pouch…she had a mini melt down when she realised I was related to James Bowden – my brother of course! A talented photographer, my brother recently left this sunny isle for colder climates of the UK (sadly). Luisa was so excited to be standing in front of someone related to James – it was really a lovely moment to be very proud of my little brother and also find it quite funny that Luisa saw him as this minor photography celebrity!! He he! Anyway…Luisa is a one-woman creative whirlwind and seems to have more than the normal 24 hours in a day! Kids, design work, photography…is there anything this woman cannot do!!??

And Stef…Stef is beautiful! And so is her work (which you can see here)…in a way I think her and her work look very similar…you know – like how a dog owner looks like their dog! Fresh, simple, cute, honest, and lovely…all words I might use to describe both Stef & her work.  Stef recently landed a big gig – styling the 50th edition Frankie party in Melbourne and what an amazing job she did…looks like my kind of party! Stef is another lady who seems to have more than 24 hours in her day too – so much going on and so many projects it makes my head spin!

And then I met another talented lady…Angie responsible for the successful Materialistic brand. Through mutual friends, we decided to meet and talk business…well actually I just asked lots of questions and Angie very graciously answered all of them! Her experience & loveliness just opened up a whole new window for me and made me excited about Pouch all over again. I love her work and am pretty excited to find out that we will both be at Sydney Finders Keepers in December. I have already been picking her brains about markets etc…so I cannot wait to see her in action!!

Well…that’s a long bit of writing for someone who normally just posts a few images!

But I guess I felt the need to tell you about these extremely talented people…they inspire me…make me realise anything is possible and most of all – are lovely to share of a cup of tea with and just natter away an hour or two!




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