New products....

Just in time for the festive season, Pouch has released a few new well as updating the Pouch website with some lovely new images.

Pop on over to to see the new designs, including a curly cat, graceful giraffe, elephant & a chubby little bear....

While you are there...take a few minutes to look over the new product images and the fantastic images on the homepage. All courtesy of the amazingly talented photographer Luisa Brimble (and also here) and super-stylist Stefanie Ingram.

There are more images to reveal...but didn't want to overload you all!! he he!

The day we shot the Pouch images was so much fun and a real eye-opener as to how hard it actually is creating images, setting scenes, keeping the flow going all day and at the same time being lovely ladies too! 

Stef + Luisa = amazing team!

There will be a video soon too....which I will reveal soon - stay tuned!

Another mention needs to go out to the lovely Eliza how let us tear apart her beautiful home in Leura...a stunning little cottage full of family love, memories & beautiful details...not to mention gorgeous kids (that feature in my new photos!) and cute puppy-dog (also featured in the photos!) and Eliza is a super talented lady too...look! 

So here are a few more photos....enjoy!! 

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