Golly how time flies!

Photo: Happy New Year from us baking in the lovely sunshine...

Sunny days spent at the beach during the Christmas break

Photo: And we are off! Olive Tree in Newcastle today and its looking busy....
Pouch at Olive Tree in Newcastle

How on earth is it nearly the end of January 2013? And I look at my blog and see the last post was November 2012….whoops!

I cannot quite fathom where the last few months have gone…..a blur of making, eating, reading, working, planning…..

Well aside from a luxurious Christmas & New Year break in which I recharged my very flat batteries and took stock on 2012, I now feel ready to do battle with the world once more!

Pouch ended 2012 on a high…a huge, enormous, exhausting high that was Finders Keepers, Olive Tree Markets, Eveleigh Artisan Markets and Xmas orders galore…all rolled into one lot of making and frantically getting orders out the door in time for Christmas.

Finders Keepers in Dec was just spectacular and amazing. I had so much fun but also felt totally overwhelmed and under prepared! So many lovely comments and customers but next time I will make double the amount of stock! I could have easily purchased goodies from every single one of the stalls there. I felt honoured to be surrounded by so many talented people.

At Finders Keepers, I launched a little trial range of prints. The prints are from original Pouch artworks, printed onto my favourite recycled card stock, with little hints & details of fabric collage added to them. So they are all still unique, all handmade, but offer a cheaper product for those in search of a handmade bargain. At the moment the range is small and limited, but I hope to trial it a little more in 2013 and see where it takes me. What do you think??  I am quite pleased with the cat in the hat! (see images below)

2012 was a big year…launching Pouch, getting married, passing my driving test (this is a massive deal amongst those who know me!!!)  – Among many other big & small achievements…looking back I wonder how I got it all done!

So 2013 – what do you hold for me?? I am excited to see what happens this year. I want Pouch to get big & strong and grow into a lovely blooming business….I have already received some lovely online editorial from Steph at Bondville (such a lovely write up!) which you can read here. I hope to get Pouch out there and into kiddie’s rooms all over the world – too big a dream you think!?!? Eeek – well let’s think BIG!

Welcome 2013…you are going to be fun – I can feel it!

The new Pouch Handmade prints.....

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