The Wedding Gift

What’s the ultimate wedding gift? A teapot? A set of plates? Ummmm maybe not for me…

But my brother & his girlfriend managed to find THE ULTIMATE wedding gift…to end all wedding gifts from now until end of time…

That’s talking it up isn’t it! I know, now you are wondering what on earth can be so amazing…

Well…this is it….

(sorry about the rubbish photo!)

And what is this you ask….

It’s a HAND DRAWN illustration of my husband & I on our wedding day…the shoes are perfect and look just like the ones I wore. Our pose – showing off our rings is what we sent to friends to tell them we got hitched. There is bunting and birds, Scottish thistles and my wedding bouquet too. It is just so detailed and so beautiful that I keep having to look at it and each time I see something new. It even mentions 'Two Left Feet' which describes us very well (always tripping over!) and is also the name of our travel blog

What shocks me the most is that this is all drawn by hand! It blows my mind! What also blows my mind is that even if the present was 6 months late (those who know my brother will know this is nothing unusual) it still is the most well thought, personal wedding gift you can ever imagine.

And the person who created this…well her name is Millie Marotta and she lives in sleepy Wales, UK. She is a freelance illustrator who has some impressive clients (understandably so!) and such a lovely style. What gets me is the detail in everything…have a look at her website here:

Take some time to look over all the examples of her work…you won’t be able to resist…

So…a huge thanks to my little brother & Hannah for the gift, it’s so special and thanks to Millie for creating this for my husband and I….I feel just a tiny, weeny bit lucky to have someone so talented make something for us….

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