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WARNING: Today's blog post is totally going to do damage to your credit card or bank account...just wanted to get that out there from the start! I don't want any of you blaming me for your purchases!

OK, now that's is the reason...

A good friend of mine, last week launched the most beautiful online store called Frond Store.

Tess moved from Sydney to Darwin a few years back, now she is back in Sydney (much to my delight!) and she decided to trade her cute little bricks & mortar store in Darwin for a stunning online version.

Frond Store really captures the essence of Tess...that might sound odd...but her store perfectly reflects her natural, soft, elegant beauty and calm, kind and generous personality...her shop is her! 

I love that someone's business is a reflection of buy from them, you buy a piece of them....and that's how I like to think of Pouch too!

Anyway...I double dare you NOT to buy something from Frond Store...the edited collection of cool, summery and delicious clothes, jewellery, candles and more will have you grasping for your purse!

So, double happiness as my friend Tess is back in the hood and she has a constant supply of things I want!!!

Support your local Australian businesses and buy from someone who puts a bit of  love into everything they do....

Go Tess!

Above lovely photos by Milk & Honey

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