Spring is in the air

It was time for a change...being Spring and all I decided it was time for a Spring Clean and time for some new creatures at Pouch Handmade.

Introducing Fox, Mushroom and Snail!  All are now up on the Pouch store, and can be bought online or at the various markets you can find me at.

And why these particular creatures you ask!? Well, the Snail will always remind me of my friend Lucy who LOVES snails! The Fox is just that elusive night time creature that seems to get a bad wrap! And the Mushroom, well he is just a Fun-Gi...ha ha - bad joke!

Hope you like the newbies and I have also put a few of the older designs on sale (Curly Cat, Croc, Rabbit, Dog & Ice Cream)...so time to grab a bargain while I still have a few left! 




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