Save the Children

As I watch and listen to more and more news of the awful things happening over in Europe with the refugee crisis, it made me stop and think...

In fact it stopped me in my tracks, I wept in bed, thought of my little girl sleeping soundly in the room next to me, thinking again about how lucky I am to live in a peaceful country, with all we could wish for...including safety.

So I wanted to do my small, small part and dedicate September to Save The Children. I am donating 15% of total sales from September to Save the Children. I hope this entices those who have been thinking about buying a Pouch artwork, that September is the best month to do you not only support a local business but you are helping Save the Children to continue their incredible work.

So please spread the news, tell your friends and lets all just do a little something to help, as lots of small things amount to a big thing.

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